Wayback Machine Downloads

1 domain recovery
from archive.org in HTML


4 stars and half Based on 364 user ratings
  • An HTML Website That Looks 100% Like The Archived Version
  • Automatic Broken Image Removal
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Up To 20,000 Pages
  • All References To Archive.org Removed
  • Pages Accessible On Their Original URL
  • All CSS, Images, Flash And Javascript Files Included
  • Multiple Domains For $12/domain
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WordPress conversion
of HTML files (per domain)


4 stars and half Based on 136 user ratings
  • Turns The Scraped HTML Files Into A WordPress Installation
  • A WordPress Theme That Looks 100% Identical To The Original Website
  • Menu Integration: Easily Remove Or Add New Items In The Menu
  • Change Posts And Pages In The Regular WYSIWYG Editor
  • Best-quality Guarantee For Any Competing Service Under $150**
  • Automatic Broken Image Removal
  • Automatic String Replacement
  • Original Link Structure
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Unlimited archive recoveries
in HTML (per 30 days)


4 stars and half Based on 64 user ratings
  • All Features From The Regular Html Scraper
  • Allows For Unlimited Access To The Original Scraper*
  • Configurable To Create Links During The Scraping Process
  • After Payment, Your Email Address Will Be Added To Our List Of Unrestricted Users.
  • No Account Registration Required.
  • Fair Use Policy*
  • Discounted Wordpress Integration ($45)
  • $19 Discount For Returning Customers!
Emails and payments can also be sent to (PayPal) address: [email protected]


Expired Domains (Niche-specific)


4 stars and half Based on 47 user ratings
  • Trust Flow of 15+
  • Carefully checked for spam
  • At least 4 hours of server scraping time.
  • An indexing guarantee
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Expired Domains (General Niche)


4 stars and half Based on 28 user ratings
  • Trust Flow of 15+
  • Carefully checked for spam
  • At least 4 hours of server scraping time.
  • An indexing guarantee
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Wayback Articles


  • Checked with Copyscape
  • Manually checked for quality
  • A guaranteed average of 500-800 words
  • Send us your keywords. We do the rest
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Scrapes an online website


  • For website duplication, offline browsing or creating backups
  • Up to 10GB of website data
  • Approximately 5,000 pages
  • Includes all frontend files
  • (HTML, CSS, JS, PDFs etc.)
  • Email Support

Features of the Wayback Machine Downloader

We are proud to present our amazing downloading software, which will enable you to get your entire website downloaded from the web archive: https://archive.org/web/. After we finish scraping the archive of your old website, we will send it to your email. You will receive step-by-step instructions so you can upload your website and make it work again. It's as simple as that!

All Existing Pages Downloaded from web.archive.org

Need the asset files as well? We will download all different files and file types available on the Wayback Machine. We'll also remove the Wayback header from all pages, so that nobody can see the website was retrieved from the web archive.

Wayback Machine Download Report

For every order we'll give you a detailed wayback machine download report, letting you know exactly which files were downloaded from archive.org. Sometimes files are lost forever (for example some type of pictures) and in that case we will give you the reason why we were unable to grab the file.

WordPress Conversion

Do you want us to integrate WordPress so you can start managing your website with your favorite tool right away? No problem, we can do that as well!

*Fair Use Policy.

We will exclude you from the unlimited usage list, if you do not comply with this Fair Use Policy.

  • +/- 100 domains maximum per 30 days.
  • Average website size - in compressed format - should not exceed 10MB. To give you an idea: our own website is about 400KB.
  • Basically: do not rock the boat.
  • As long as you stay away from funny things, like scraping CNN.com, you will be fine.

**Best-quality guarantee for any competing service under $150

Get your money back if you show us the results from another service that:

1. Provides an identical-looking website
2. Has the menu integration
3. Has pages that are editable in the WYSIWYG editor.

The WordPress integration costs $60. We are so confident about the quality of our work, that we give you a 100% refund if you show us results from another service, that delivers more than us and costs less than $150.

Refund Policy:

General orders

For WordPress integration we never give a refund – unless you canceled before we started working on it. This type of work involves at least two full hours of manual labor by one of our web developers. However, we will give you a refund in case we did not delivered as promised (less pages or a different layout), or if we did not fulfill your order within 14 days.

For regular html orders, we give a refund in case our service somehow did not result in pages that are similar to how the pages look on web.archive.org at the moment of ordering. In that case, send us an example of an html page that looks different on web.archive.org, than from the files as how we delivered them.

Wrong user input

If you accidentally used the wrong URL from archive.org, then we do not give a refund either. However, you do have the option to correct your mistake. Please send a message to our support with the correct URL - from the same domain. We will then deliver the results for that particular URL, free of charge.

Basically: we only give refunds if we somehow did not deliver what we promised. In the unlikely case that our results are not as promised on our product pages, please contact us. If we cannot solve such an issue within 5 business days - by creating a recovered website as promised -you will receive a refund.

Bulk Users

You can cancel your subscription by contacting our support or - if you used a PayPal account - by going to your own PayPal account. In PayPal go to "My preapproved payments". This page is hidden in your PayPal account under the Menu: More--> Sitemap --> Manage subscription Payments

In general we never refund bulk users who simply forgot to cancel their subscription. However, it depends a bit on the customer and situation as we do not like to compare ourseleves with evil corporations. If you have been a regular customer, we usually refund the last payment if you forgot to cancel in time.