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Buy Scraped Expired Content In Your Niche

Expired Articles

There's tons of well-written content on archive.org that is not indexed anymore. These articles are unique in the eyes of Google and Bing. All these texts have been forgotten, as the Wayback Machine does not have a search function.

However, this is very good content. It was written for real websites, by people who were actually knowledgeable about your niche.

The texts we scrape include:

-Product reviews
-In-depth research from specialists in your niche.
-Articles with diagrams and statistics
-Sales copy

How much time and money would you save, if you get this type of content within 24-72 hours from now?

Remember that extra text is good for search rankings, and attracts new visitors searching for long-tail keywords.

We can easily deliver up to 100 articles within days...

Expired content

How does it work?

1. You send us your keywords or niche description. We start scraping the archive for expired content in that niche.
2. We check the quality of the texts manually and make sure it's not indexed elsewhere, by using Copyscape.
3. Every order has a guaranteed average of at least 500 words per article. Usually an order has an average of 700-800 words.
4. You receive content really quickly. We deliver your results within 72h – even if you order 100+ articles(!)
5. You only pay $5 per article… Normally you pay $20+ for sales texts and about-pages. Real quality content from a knowledgeable person easily costs $50 per article.

Compare our service to the headaches of finding and instructing content writers.