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Buy your expired domains from a trustworthy specialist

A large portion of our customers are internet marketeers, who are looking for expired domains to use for SEO purposes. Our Wayback Machine Downloader allows you to restore those expired domains, but it can be difficult to find a reliable supplier. That's why you can now buy expired domains from us directly.

It's in our own benefit to provide you with good domains, because many expired domains can be restored with our Web Archive Downloader. However, if we find a strong domain for your PBN, but without good Wayback content, we will still give it to you. Basically: we act in your interest – even if that means we make less revenue from the Wayback Downloader.

Expired Domain

Niche-specific expired domains

The domains are niche specific, which means we will scrape them specifically for you and your industry. Other specifications:
• A guaranteed Trust Flow of 15+
• Carefully checked for spam with Ahref, Majestic, screenshots.com, archive.org etc.
• At least 4 hours of server scraping time. You get the best domains from those results, after they are checked for spam. So if you are lucky, you receive a TF25+ domain.
• An indexing guarantee. If one of your domains somehow did not get indexed in Google, we will replace it for free.