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Web Development Support

If you need advanced tech support, you can hire us by the hour to help you out.

What we do

*CSS, javascript, HTML etc.
*WordPress logic, dashboard and plugin development: WordPress is our expertise.
*PHP development.
*PSD to html: if you provide the graphic design, we'll create it


Hiring one of our developers costs $40/h, with a minimum of 1 hour. Website installation support has a fixed cost of $10 for HTML and $20 for WordPress. You can also use our free installation guide to install a website.

If you want us to install anything, then please send the login credentials of either your cPanel or your hosting account, or a combination of your FTP and PHPMyAdmin.

We don't do graphic design or content writing; just development. We speak Dutch, French, Arab and English.

Miscellaneous charges


Equivalent payments can also be sent in EURO via this Paypal form.