SEO Benefits of Fresh Blog Content


If you own a website or blog, and are interested in increasing your placement or rank on search engine result pages, you should be regularly adding fresh, informative, and keyword rich content to it. Adding fresh content to your blogs or websites gives them more authenticity in the eyes of search engines like Google. These search engines live on fresh content, and feeding them some on a regular basis can produce amazing results for you.

Why Search Engines Love Fresh Content

Search engines such as Google and Bing love fresh content. Every day people are using these search engines to find new and interesting information, and to stay in business the search engines, in turn, need to scour the web for that new and interesting information. If your website is regularly updated with fresh content (in the form of helpful articles, blog posts, etc) the search engines will begin regularly sending their spiders (programs that crawl the web finding new websites) to your website, which leads to a higher placement in their result pages and free website traffic for you.

Benefits of Regularly Adding Fresh Content

Not only does regularly adding fresh content to your website or blog increase your rankings and bring extra visitors to your site, it will also cause your regular visitors to check back more often. If a visitor likes your blog, and knows you update it daily, weekly, etc, that visitor is likely to check back more often. Increasing traffic and repeat-traffic to your website has many benefits, and the ability to monetize your website becomes increasingly more profitable.

How Often Should I Add New Content?

A common question when discussing fresh content for blogs and websites, is how often should fresh content be added. The short answer is: there is no such thing as too often. Posting fresh content to your blogs can be done as often as you like, and will only be beneficial. If you are busy, try to add fresh content to your website once per week at minimum.

How Can WMD Help With This?

There are two ways Wayback Machine Downloader can help you with this

  • With Expired Content from the Internet Archive. Actually, up to now you have been reading an expired article.  Yes, that’s right, all content above is retrieved from an old website. That is pretty good quality for $3 per article, right?
  • Install the entire content from a specific archived website to a subfolder or subdomain of your own money site. For example, install all the files from an expired domain, You then instantly have tons of extra content, which you can use to attract visitors or to create internal links for SEO purposes. To do this, make sure to select the option “install on a different domain“.