Wayback Machine Downloader Expands Business To Add Several New Features

The additions to the website's service offerings include a flat-fee plan, personalized customer pages, hosting integration, and more, reports https://www.waybackmachinedownloader.com/.

(Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Wayback Machine Downloader, a premier service known for helping people recover websites from the Internet Archive, has recently announced that they have expanded their service offerings. Their new services include a flat-fee plan, customized internal tracking pages, hosting integration, and a marketplace for expired domains. Those who would like to find out more about Wayback Machine Downloader or check out their new services should visit https://www.waybackmachinedownloader.com/.

Michael Schwartzman, a spokesperson for Wayback Machine Downloader, commented "We've been helping people to recover old websites for years. Now, we're offering a new suite of services that will help us serve our customers on an even greater scale. We've introduced a new unlimited plan with flat pricing structure to help those who need to retrieve pages from more than just one or two domains. Used in conjunction with our new expired domain and hosting integration offerings, these features give SEO professionals and those running private blog networks all of the tools they need to succeed online."
The new flat-fee plan that the company is offering is truly unlimited, which means customers can Download from the Wayback Machine whenever they would like without worries about restrictions or additional payments. Wayback Machine Downloader has also introduced internal pages that allow each customers to track the progress of their order any time of the day or night, keeping an eye on the increasing number of HTML files that are being created for them as the system retrieves their pages. Once their desired web pages have been recovered, customers can use the company's Amazon Cloud-based integrated hosting to upload their site. For those who are using the Wayback Machine Downloader to create a Private Blog Network (PBN), the company has partnered with a high-quality expired domain broker to eliminate customers' need to search for one on their own.

As Schwartzman goes on to say, "The team here at Wayback Machine Downloader aims to be a one-stop shop for internet marketers who are interested in creating their own PBN or simply want to retrieve lost pages. By giving these marketers access to the right tools, we reduce their workload considerably and allow them to have more peace of mind as they continue to build their businesses." About Wayback Machine Downloader:

Wayback Machine Downloader recovers websites from the Internet Archive. This archive is also called the Wayback Machine. They allow their customers to download whole websites and restore them so that they look like they did many years ago. A customer can choose how far back in time they want to go. For example a customer can tell Wayback Machine Downloader to download a specific website just as it looked back in 2005.

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