Loading a whole website
Loading a whole website

Free Demo:

The free demo only recovers the first 4 pages from the Wayback Machine - including the front page. It allows you to test our service for free:

1. Fill in the address of your old website in the wayback machine: https://archive.org/web/

2. Copy the URL from the wayback machine (from archive.org) and place it below. For example: https://web.archive.org/web/20150309210900/http://example.com/

Fill in the email address below

You can find the archive url from https://archive.org/web/

You will receive the zip file by email in less than 5 minutes (please check your spam folder or contact us for free support).

The free demo only recovers the front page and the first 3 pages from the Wayback Machine. Simply fill in the old website address from archive.org and wait for your results.