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Wayback Machine Downloader

You can find the archive url on https://archive.org/web/

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  • Bring your old website back to life within minutes!
  • Recover old websites for nostalgic reasons.
  • Build PBN sites on expired domains: perfect for SEO'ers

Wayback Articles

Expired content

There's tons of well-written content on archive.org that is not indexed anymore. These articles were written by people with actual knowledge and passion in your niche.

Our scraper can find this expired content for you, and we manually assess the quality of each delivered article.

Wayback machine Downloader

Reasons for using the Wayback Downloader

What possible reasons can you have to download sites from the Wayback Machine?

  • Missed hosting payments. Let's say you're super responsible webmaster. You always update and keep fresh content. You do security updates. You're on top of things. But one day, you visit your website and all your content is gone! It's in this moment that you remember that you forgot to change that credit card that was linked to your hosting account. Now all your content is gone! Dashed away by one false move..or is it? Enter our web Archive download bot. With a few simple clicks, you can be on your way to restoring a whole website - exactly like it used to be.
  • Nostalgia. Maybe you played a computer game as a teenager or you used to frequently visit some hobby website. Many of these websites change or go offline, but with an archive.org download order, you can recover all your nostalgic memories.Simply go to our wayback machine download site and create your own web.archive.org download. This includes your whole website, up to 10 levels deep, which means all pages that are 10 clicks away from the front page.
  • Your site was hacked. What if a more sinister plot involving a hacker compromising the security of your site arises? He's hijacked your site, and now all your content has been deleted and replaced with ads for his own benefit. Not to worry! We have you covered with a nice Wayback machine download of your website, as it was before disaster struck.
  • Legal evidence. Should you ever find yourself embroiled in a legal battle over whatever the issue may be, The Wayback Downloader can help here too. Make a copy of the web archive data for use as evidence in lawsuits. For example, patent law and evidence of prior art. The Wayback Machine accepts removal requests, so it's a good idea to have your own copy in case the website disappears from the web archive.
  • Internet Marketeers. Another neat feature of the Wayback Machine Downloader is the ability to recover content from a site that you may have purchased for purposes of SEO. Got a new PBN site that you want to revamp to include the old content it used to contain and maintain Google's trust? The Wayback Machine Downloader steps in here and makes a seamless transition to the way the site was before.
  • Take content from a bankrupt competitor. What if one of your biggest competitors has gone out of business, and with their exit from the business they also took down their website? Remember the URL? Voila! You've got yourself a ton of useable information to populate your new site with one less competitor to worry about. Basically, this can be for any site in your industry that was taken offline.
  • For recovering expired content Sometimes you have good expired content - perhaps you found it with our service or with software like the Expired Article Hunter. Let's say you have a good PBN domain with high metrics, and you have another domain with good expired content. Now you can merge the two domains and rebuilding the expired content on the domain with high metrics. It's one of the quickest and best methods to build a PBN
  • Use it as an alternative to httrack. Httrack is software to scrape live websites, but it doesn't do a very good job at scraping the internet archive. We rebuild websites as they once were, while httrack simply copies a complete site, including all the headers and archive URLs

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to use the Wayback Machine Downloader. It is the perfect solution to download site from wayback machine. If you need help with any of the above, don't hesitate to send us a message. We are glad to help you out.

What is the Web Archive?

The web archive is a comprehensive backup of the web, looking as it did in different points of time. The mission of the web archive is to store the internet in its entirety at different points in time over the last 15-20 years. We developed a tool that downloads a website from the Wayback machine, to recover websites that were lost due to missed hosting payments or alternative reasons. This so called Wayback Downloader is a web scraper, that visits web.archive.org and allows customers to download a site from archive.org.

What is a Wayback machine download?

A wayback machine download is the name Wayback Machine Downloader gives to the package of files that you need to recover a website. This includes HTML, CSS, JS and picture files. To download website from wayback machine, simply visit the Wayback Machine and find a URL from a specific date. Make sure to use the URL from the front page, because this will give the best results.

Our software is webbased, so it works both for Windows and Linux/Mac users.

Archive.org vs Wayback Machine

The web archive and the Wayback machine are somewhat synonymous, so for all intents and purposes, you needn't make a differentiation between the two. The Wayback Machine is simply the name that Web Archive has given to their website, and is well known amongst individuals on the internet who have the desire to recover lost content or rebuild sites from the Wayback Machine.