How To Install Our Files On Easy Blog Networks

This tutorial explains how to recover a website from the internet archive and install it as a WordPress installation on Easy Blog Networks.

Why do we recommend Easy Blog Networks?

Easy Blog Networks is a PBN hosting service that installs blogs with 1-click on random servers hosted by big brand hosting providers like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Softlayer and others. The system automatically updates WordPress, plugins and themes while maintaining daily blog backups.

We recommend using EBN for these reasons:

  • They provide IP adresses from high-end cloud providers, which makes it likely that you share IP addresses with legitimate websites.
  • Their dashboard makes it much easier to manage large PBN networks – especially in comparison to using spreadsheets and signing up for individual hosting accounts.
  • Their pricing per IP is very reasonable.

Step-by-step Installation Instructions

First make an order on and select both "WordPress Conversion" and "Make files compatible with EBN". Note that the free demo does not work for EBN.

Your delivery from Wayback Machine Downloader includes three items:

  • A link to the zip file of the database, hosted on
  • A theme file called
  • An .htaccess file
  • 1. Install an empty WordPress site via the EBN dashboard like any other website. 

  • 2. Login to the WordPress dashboard (/wp-admin/) and install these 2 plugins:
    - EBN cloning plugin (mirror)
    - (mirror)

  • 3. Go to the EBN cloning plugin as in the screenshot below. Fill in the database URL. Wayback Machine Downloader provides you with this URL.

    Sometimes the plugin shows a 504 error (time-out). You can ignore this. In theory it could mean that some pages were not created, so you might want to verify this after the entire installation has finished.

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the EBN dashboard to import the database file! This can result in a time-out with large files.

  • 4. Now upload and install the WMD theme. This is a theme that is specifically made for your website.

  • 5. Your website might already work completely, but to avoid possible problems with certain URLs, we recommend replacing the .htaccess file.

    Our delivery includes a file called "htaccess_ebn.txt".

    Open "htaccess_ebn.txt" file then select all the content and copy it.

    Go to the Htaccess plugin. Replace all the text with the content from the htaccess_ebn.txt file.

That's it! Your website should work now.