We offer the service to restore a website from archive.org and convert it to a WordPress website. This works especially well if the original website was also created with WordPress.

How does WordPress conversion work?

We provide:

  • A website that looks identical to what is shown on archive.org
  • A fully functioning WordPress menu integration
  • Pages that are editable in the WYSIWYG editor and in the HTML editor
  • The original link structure, or 301 forwarding rules, so that old URLs still redirect correctly to the new page/post.
  • An editable footer
This WordPress integration costs $60. We are so confident about the quality of our work, that we give you a 100% refund if you show us results from another service, that delivers more than us and costs less than $150

Why is this so much more expensive than normal HTML pages?

The process is only partially automatic, which is why the price is higher than the regular HTML solution.

There is currently no fully automatic method to convert html to WordPress. There are some tools and services that make the process a bit easier (good services are: psdtowordpressexpert.com and Pinegrow) but they are more expensive and more difficult to use.

We wrote a script specifically for our scraping results from the WayBack Machine, which is why we can offer it at such a low price.

The limitations of a reverse-engineered website

Keep in mind though that a restored WordPress version has limited capabilities. The database is not backed up, so we have to reverse-engineer a database, based on the HTML files. We build our own theme for every site that looks 100% identical to the archived version. However, it will not be as good as a WordPress site that was built from scratch, with a 'real' theme.

For example, there will be no theme options to change the colors, no sidebar and no widgets. For the majority of websites, it will also be impossible to change the theme, without severely disrupting the layout of the pages. Also, all posts and pages are recovered as pages. A category page (with multiple posts) will be restored as one page.

However, the recovered website will have pages that you can edit in the visual editor. It also features a menu integration, which means you can add or remove menu-items. You will also be able to add plugins in the WordPress dashboard, and edit the header and footer (in php)

So the solution is not perfect, but it is still the best service you can get for this price.

NEW: Only Recover The Content

Some customers only want the content of a website. They plan to make significant changes to the layout, such as changing the WordPress theme or adding sidebar widgets.

For them we have developed a second option which only scrapes the text and images from the posts and pages. The design will not look the same; it will be a default WordPress theme

This method:

  • Only recovers the content of posts and pages, so you can easily change the theme
  • recovers the original menu
  • makes pages accesible on their original URLs.


  • Category pages won't work correctly; only the pages and posts with content will be recovered.
  • The design will be the default WordPress design

This is a good option for those who (1) need to rebuild a website from the Wayback Machine (2) need to make significant changes such as changing themes or adding widgets and (3) who don't care about preserving the original design. And (4), who hate the idea of manually copy-pasting all the content. It is only cost-effective for large sites with at least a few hundred pages.

Pricing is in the range of $100-$400 depending on the website. Please contact us for a quote for your website.