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Expired Domains & PBN Service

The majority of our customers are internet marketers who are looking for expired domains for SEO purposes. Our Wayback Machine Downloader allows you to restore those aged domains domains as a Private Blog Network, but it can be difficult to find a reliable supplier. That's why we are now offering expired domains directly! You have two options to buy aged domains: A. Preregistered Domains and B. Scraped Domains


Our PBN Service consists of a domain, the website recovery and monthly hosting, in one easy package. All that's required on your part is to pick a domain. In 3-4 business days you will receive access to the WordPress backend, so you can place your backlinks.


Preregistered domains

The aged domains below are hand-picked and preregistered by us. All of them were recently expired, and carefully checked for spam with Ahref, Majestic, screenshots.com, archive.org etc. We've invested our own money for registration, so you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality!

How do I receive preregistered domains?

To receive preregistered domains (without the PBN service) you need an account on www.dynadot.com, namesilo.com or name.com. We then push the domains to your account.

What is PBN as a Service?

It's a Private Blog Network building service. Simply put, PBN as a Service = Domain + Website + Hosting.

All that's required on your part is to pick a domain. In 3-4 business days you will receive access to the WordPress backend. It includes:
• A preregistered expired domain of your choice. This includes domain registration fees and WHOIS privacy protection.
• A website with content recovered from archive.org. The pages are recovered from archive.org on their original URL, and then converted to WordPress.
• Hosting with an IP address from a major cloud provider, such as Amazon, Digital Ocean, Linode, Rackspace, Vultr, OVH, etc.
The PBN Service is especially useful for customers who want their own PBN as a turn-key solution.

What type of hosting do you use?

We utilize the EBN platform on the backend. You'll receive the login information to WordPress so you can create backlinks on your Private Blog Network.
The hosting is billed quarterly (once every 3 months) to avoid high transaction fees, with the first month included for free. The cost is $4.95 per month and includes the annual domain renewal fees, which is typically $10-$12 per year.
If you prefer to legally own the domain, then we are able to push the domain to your own registrar account (we do the same for customers who order preregistered domains without the PBN service).

Bulk discount

Buy 5 preregistered aged domains and get a 10% discount on both the price of the domain and the PBN installation costs. Discount is applied automatically during checkout.

Minimum order

We require a minimum order of 2 expired domains or 2 PBN websites. This allows us to ensure an efficient workflow which keeps our prices low.

BScraped Expired Domains (Niche-specific)

These aged domains are niche-specific, which means we will scrape them specifically for your industry. The scraped domains generally have lower metrics than the preregistered domains in the table above, but they tend to more specific to your niche. After delivery, you will need to register the domain at a domain registrar, which costs $3-$12.

Specifications for scraped domains

• A guaranteed Trust Flow of 15+ on the URL (TF10+ guarantee on the domain).

• Carefully checked for spam with Ahref, Majestic, screenshots.com, archive.org etc.

• At least 4 hours of server scraping time. You get the best domains from those results, after they are checked for spam. So if you are lucky, you receive a TF25+ domain.

• An indexing guarantee. If one of your domains somehow did not get indexed in Google, we will replace it for free.

It's in our own interest to provide you with good domains, because many expired domains can be restored with our Wayback Downloader. However, if we find a strong domain for your PBN without strong Wayback content, we still give it to you. Basically: we act in your interest – even if that means we make less revenue from the Wayback Downloader.

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Minimum order = 2 PBNs

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